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    Have you ever wondered how people are able to post pictures on their post? Have you ever wanted to make text bigger, bolded, italicized, or underlined inside the post? How about posting multiple links on one post (rather than the one link rivals gives you at the bottom)? This guide will explain how to do all of the above plus a little more.

    Note: I still remember one thing my computer repair teacher would always tell us. He would say "When you're explaining anything to do with computers, explain in a way that your 80 year old grandmother would understand". So basically, I'm assuming that whoever reads this knows absolutely nothing at all about posting pictures or manipulating text. Obviously if you know more than others, you won't have to read all of it but I just really was trying to explain it as simply as I could so that no matter what, everybody would be able to do it. So sometimes, I will be stating the very obvious, but like I said I'm just pretending that I'm trying to explain this to my 78 year old grandmother.

    How To Post A Picture
    The first thing I'll cover is how to post a picture as your signature (this is a picture that will appear everytime you post until you change it).

    To do this, click your username towards the top of the page. It'll appear under the "Registered Fans Online:" list or towards the top of the page where it says "Welcome YOUR NAME". Click your name and it'll bring you to your fan page. From there click the red "Member Info" link. From there it will probably ask you to type in your password, do so. After that it'll take you to another page where you will see the "Message Board Options" link. Click that link. From there you will see a box that says "Signature" towards the top of the page. This is what we want. Type this formula in EXACTLY in your signature.


    Just simply type that in, save it and your done. If you ever want to put in a picture as just a one time deal, that's simple as well. In your post just simply type out the formula again and it'll post that picture just in your post.

    Now that's how you actually do it but what if you don't know the link of your picture or you don't know how to get a picture from your computer to where it needs to appear online. Read this next paragraph.

    What I strongly recommend that you do first is create a account. There are other picture uploading sites out there but photobucket is what I use so that's the one i'll discuss here. All the other ones out there are similar to photobucket. is obviously a free site and it's purpose is for uploading pictures from your computer that you can use online. It will make your picture have it's own unique link. The reason you want to use a photobucket account is because if you were to simply copy any picture using google, if the author of that specific website took that picture or website down or moved it, you're picture would disappear as well because you're using that SPECIFIC link. For example let's say you found this cool razorback from The link to the picture is So you copy that link and put it in your post. Well everything will be fine and dandy for awhile but let's say the author of goes bankrupt and has to delete the site. You're picture will be gone too because the link that you entered is from that site. However, if you just right clik on that picture from the website and save it to your computer (to do this simply right click, and click 'save as'). Then log on to your photobucket account and upload it to your account. That way the picture will always be there forever unless you delete it or move it.

    So to create a photobucket account simply go to and click the green "Join Now" link at the top right of the page. From there, just follow the very simple instructions that they provide. Like I said it's a free site and they don't spam you or anything like that. Once you're done with that and you're logged in to your account, you'll see towards the top of the page the heading that says "Upload Images and Video". Under that click "choose files". It'll open a box to where you can find your picture from wherever you saved it on your computer. Simply click your picture and click ok and it will upload it for you. It'll take you to another page previewing your picture. At the bottom click "Save and Continue".

    You're picture will appear on the next page with 4 different types of codes under it. There will be a "Email & IM", "Direct Link", "HTML Code", and "IMG Code". You'll want to click and copy the "Direct Link" Code. Simply paste that link into the formula a provided above and you'll be good to go. (the code where I have in big letters LINK OF YOUR PICTURE).

    That should just about cover all the steps needed to get a picture posted and on your signature. Now, really quickly I'll give you an example. Let's take my current signature for example. It's a picture of Casey Dick scoring a TD. The direct link through that on my photobucket website is:

    Notice the link, it's my own personal link that no other site on the face of the earth has. That way the picture will always appear unless I go in and delete it from my photobucket account.

    Anyway just simply type in


    ..And you'll get


    The key is just knowing your link to the picture that you want, and then it's easy from there. Like I said it's vital to get you some sort of account like photobucket so that you'll always have your picture.

    Text Manipulation
    The next thing I'll discuss is all of the ways that you can manipulate text on a post. The steps to do it aren't hard, the hardest part is just learning all the different formulas. To bold text, here's what you do. Let's say I want to bold "Hello Everybody". Type this in.


    After you type that, you're text will look like this

    Hello Everybody

    If you want to italice it, just simply replace the 'B' in that formula with 'I'. If you want to underline it, you guessed it...just replace the 'B' in that formula to 'U'.

    Here's what you would type in to make your text bigger. Now let me say that there are other ways to do this and there are formulas out there where you can put your text in a certain point (such as if you want the font specifically 16 point bold). I'm not going to explain to you how to do that because it would take a lot of extra space and I don't want to confuse you. This formula is what I use and I think it's much easier to understand. It's called "heading commands". it's ranged from 1-6...1 being the biggest text, 6 being the smallest text.

    Let's say you want the biggest heading....simply type this in.


    It will look like this:


    If H1 is too big, then simply type that same formula in again and type in say replace the 1 in H1 to H3 instead, it'll be smaller. Like I said H1 is the biggest and H6 is the smallest. Let's say you want a certain heading to appear in the smaller H4 heading, plus have it underlined and italicized. Simple, here's what you do.


    and you get:


    You just simply combine everything together. These are just the very very basics, you can also make your text any color you want among many many other things. To do that just find a html guide using google.

    Inserting Links

    Of course, at the end of every post, rivals provides you with one link to where you can very easily put in a link to a website. That works great, but what if you want to post multiple links or what if you're just too darn good to use the way rivals provided. Here's what you do.

    Let's say you want to post a link to for everybody to see. Enter this code.


    Now Keep in MUST type in The http:// is a must, make a long story short it'll jack your link up. So for google you'd go or for you'd go Type in the above formula and you get this:

    Type the title here, in this case, google

    You can keep using that same formula however many times you want in one post to keep providing links. This works good if you want to provide 3-4 different links in one post and don't want to have to keep posting using the one rivals gives you.

    That concludes the guide. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime. Google is your best friend when it comes to these as well. There are many good html guides out there just by simply searching for them through any serach engine. Hope this helps.
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