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    Trey’s rules are linked at the bottom.

    The most frequently violated rules are:

    # 1: No excessive profanity

    # 3: No personal attacks

    #10: Be respectful of the moderators


    *** If you post quotes or images from another website, please provide a link to that website. That includes political cartoons. ***


    Q: Why is language in one post allowed to stand while identical or similar language in another post is deleted?

    A: If you insult, name call, or make a negative comment about a public figure, as long as it isn’t excessively profane, it will stand. If you insult, name call, or make a negative comment about another poster, it will be deleted.

    For example:
    Poster #1: “Our President is a moron”, will stand.

    Poster #2 responds: “You’re the moron”, will be deleted.

    Personal insults or name calling of posters, either directly or by inference, will be deleted.

    Q. What do you mean, “by inference”?

    A. An indirect insult. For example: “That sounds like something a moron would post”, will be deleted.

    Q: Why do some posters receive public admonishments and others do not?

    A: If I ask you to e-mail me, and you do, I will communicate with you in private. If you do not e-mail me in a timely manner, you leave me no choice but to edit/delete your post and communicate in public, including admonishments.

    Q: Why was I banned?

    A: If you repeatedly violate the rules, refuse to cooperate and instead, become more belligerent, you leave me no choice but to ban you.

    Q: Why haven’t you deleted a particular post?

    A: I am not online 24/7. I cannot read every post in a timely manner.

    If you believe a rule has been broken, have a question, a complaint, or need a clarification of the rules, do not post it on the board. It will be deleted.

    Instead, please e-mail me with your concerns and put, “Grim Bottom” in the subject line. I will work with you to resolve issues.
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    The RULES

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