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May 28, 2019

Our college football recruiting and top football recruit scouting database has some of the best football recruits in all of College Football Today. We have been updating their performances in the early part of the season on the Scout Trout Elite and College Football Today Twitter accounts, as it is the best way to reach college football coaches directly. We also have been emailing over now 40,000 contacts in the world of football our scouting reports and updates. We have been updating top football recruit rankings at College Football Today with the scouting information we have been receiving nationally, as well as preparing for our HS Football All-American Bowl. We have seen many recruits receiving offers and visiting top flight college football programs and performing at a very high level on the gridiron. We also will be sharing all of this to our Facebook, as we have hundreds of college coaches as friends and in our Scout Trout Elite Facebook group.

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