If you are an Ohio State or Michigan fan, do you…

What do fans do in the face of overwhelming evidence of systematic sexual and physical assaults?

  • Publicly demand accountability from Ohio State or Michigan for pervasive crimes and cover ups

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  • Disassociate from these schools who still employ dozens who have covered up horrific crimes

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  • As a horrible person continue to root for your crime factory school; victims are a cost of business

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Nov 30, 2019
OK, there is no reasonable way to further deny the systematic sexual and physical abuses numbering in the hundreds of known cases pervasive throughout the athletic departments of Ohio State and Michigan. The cover ups are decades long. The number of different incidents and different Ohio State and Michigan sports programs make this a very well-established pattern of criminal behavior that has been accepted by these programs. The victims are mostly students or women. The horrendous crimes were committed by athletes, coaches (multiple), and medical staff and covered up by dozens if not hundreds more athletes, coaches, athletic directors, and various administrators. Many of those covering up hundreds of horrific crimes are still currently employed by Ohio State and Michigan.

So in light of the evidence against Ohio State and Michigan crimes being so overwhelming, so pervasive, so protected by current employees of these institutions, and such a well-documented pattern of crime and cover up that Ohio State and Michigan athletics are completely indefensible, what do fans of these crime factories do now?

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